Our Room

Our room changes daily to meet the needs of the children. 

In the book area we have a selection of books to support the children's interests in print and reading.  We read to groups of children and individual children throughout the preschool session.  We also do phonic activities and sound work.

We offer imaginative play/role-play activities, which range from the home corner, shop, hospitals and cafe to hairdressers, vet play and construction.

The children love small world play, playing with things they know from experiences - train set, cars and garages, dolls house, farmyard, the zoo etc.

We explore numbers, shapes, measuring and problem solving in the Mathematics area.

The children love to be creative with playdoh, painting, glue, collage etc.  the children do get mucky so we advise to wear our preschool uniform or old clothes.

We do lots of mark making activities, from pens, pencils, crayons and chalks to paint, water and sand.

We have lots of fun with our ICT equipment, ipads, remote control animals and wind-up toys.

We offer lots of table top activities, puzzles, threading, scissor work, blocks etc. these activities are to support strengthening hands for writing, problems solving, turn taking and sharing.

We also have lots of physical activities, from bikes, trikes, body boards, hoops, soft play activities and ball games to den making, ring games, team games and Jeff comes in for PE sessions once a week.

We love to be outdoors in our garden.  We have a cabin outside so we can go out in any weather, we can also offer indoor activities; for example drawing, looking at books and table top games.  We also have a mud kitchen, where the children make cakes and lots of wonderful things, using their imagination.  We have a slide which the children enjoy, water play, sandpit, balls, building blocks etc.  Outside we can explore nature, finding bugs in our bug house, under logs etc and look through binoculars at the birds in the sky and trees.  

We are lucky to have a park, a farm and other lovely walks around our preschool, so we can go on nature walks and explore the world around us.  

Opening hours
For any further information please do not hesitate to contact us.